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Non-Medical PPEs: Non-Medical Headbands

Why a Headband?

Have you worn a facemask yet? They’re kind of uncomfortable, aren’t they? Especially if you wear glasses as well! There just isn’t room behind your ear for the elastic or ties and the arm of your glasses.

 This is why nurses and doctors, who are accustomed to wearing facemasks for major parts of their workday, also wear headbands with buttons. The elastic goes over the button rather than over their ears and in addition to being more comfortable, it improves the fit of the facemask!

A non-medical button headband is very simple! It's basically an ear warmer, exercise sweat band or headband with buttons added on either side, just above the ears. They can be made of a medium weight cotton jersey knit or of quilting cotton. (In both cases, cotton is recommended because it can be washed at high heat.)

Little girl wearing headband and facemask

(Photo by Happy Together)


Knit Button Headbands

Here are some resources and patterns for making knit button headbands.

Headband with Button Option for Non-Medical Facemask


This one has a free pattern to download and both a written and video tutorial. The headband itself has an interesting knot feature on the front, to make it a little more fun to wear.

Simple Knit Headband


This pattern would be a great stash buster. The instructions are a bit wordy but the construction is very simple.

Woven Quilting Cotton Headbands

Woven headbands are a little more work, but they can be made to match the facemask. They require darts or other shaping to make them fit the curve of your head.

Best, Comfiest Button Headband


This pattern calls for ¾ inch or 1 inch wide elastic. It’s important to note here that elastic will not stand up to being repeatedly washed in hot water, and the elastic will lose its recovery (bounce-back) over time.

A heavy weight cotton jersey could be used in place of the elastic to help the headband last longer. Follow the instructions to fit the headband to your head and figure out the correct length of knit to use.

*Cover photo by YogiLynda

DIY Headbands with Buttons for Facemasks


This pattern does not have darts to shape the headband to the curve of your head, so it’s a lot simpler to make. The pattern recommends ties instead of elastic, which is helpful, and also includes a super cute wire shaped front bow option.

The author is a little too focused on using a Cricut, but her instructions are easy to understand and follow without using a Cricut.