Punch Needle by Arounna Khounnoraj
Everyday Essentials Booklet
Uppercase #42
The Tunic Bible by Julie Starr & Sarah Gunn
Smart Fitting Solutions by Kenneth King
Mini Hoop Embroideries by Sonia Lyne
DIY for Dog Lovers by Kat Roberts
Crafting for Cat Ladies by Kat Roberts
Sew Your Own Activewear by Melissa Fehr
Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing
Gertie Sews Vintage Casual by Gretchen Hirsch
Ms. Figgy's Garment School For Girls
Mending Matters by Katrina Rodabaugh
A Beginner's Guide to Dyeing & Sewing by Clementine Lubin
The Stitch Bible by Kate Haxell
Warp and Weft by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle
Hand Dyed by Anna Joyce
Modern Memory Quilts by Suzanne Paquette
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