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'Made with Love and Swear Words' Label 8-pack
The Nani Iro Sewing Studio by Naomi Ito Sold out
Advent Calendar Kit: Hygge Gnomes
Measuring Bracelet - 16" in Metallic Copper Sold out
'This is the Back' Label 8-pack
'Yo Mama Made It' Label 8-pack
Dressed par Éléonore Klein and Camille Barot (version français) Sold out
Pattern Archive Envelope - 10 Pack
Everyday Essentials Booklet
Punch Needle by Arounna Khounnoraj
Lipstick Pins & Needles Case
Fred Pushpins Voodoo Pincushion
Multi Pack Metallic Side Seam Labels 8-pack
'You Can't Buy This' Label 8-pack
My Therapist Enamel Pin
Clothesline 100% Cotton Cord Sold out
#14 Fine (1/8") Punch Needle Sold out
'Hello Gorgeous!' Labels 8-pack
Astronaut Picture Frame Embroidery Kit
Advent Calendar Kit: Holiday Kitsch
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