Sweater Stone: Garment Care Naturally


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Sweater Stone is a natural pumice which has the unique ability to remove pilling/lints from knits with each sharp edge of a broken cell. It actually cuts the filament that holds the pills/lints to the garment while the cell breaks off, removing pilling/lints and restoring the nap on fabrics.

Pilling/lints commonly occurs on a fabric when fibers that are worked loose by rubbing, form little balls. The pills/lints don’t fall off because they are held to the fabric by the fibers that still hold firm. Loosely woven and knitted synthetics and blends are the typical candidates for pilling/lints. Usually, it’s the stronger synthetic fibers that hold the pill/lint to the surface. Pilling/lints can happen to clothes, blankets, and upholstery fabrics. However, sweaters seem especially vulnerable.

Click the link below to see how SWEATER STONE works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMjGhYfotyQ&feature=related



  • What is a sweater stone?
    • Sweater Stone is a lightweight pumice like stone, composed of thousands of minute completely sealed cells.
  • How does the Sweater Stone work?
    • Sweater Stone has the unique ability to remove pilling from knits with each sharp edge of a broken cell. It actually cuts the filaments that holds the pill to the garment.
  • How does Sweater Stone compare to other compatible garment care products?
    • While the battery-operated shaver is effective on very tiny pilled trouble sports, Sweater Stone can rejuvenate an entire garment at a fraction of the time and cost. Sweater Stone will last up to ten years.
  • What is the odor?
    • Sweater Stone is an organic substance and the odor is the same as you experience around any Vulcan site, like hot springs. The odor dissipates in seconds and does not remain with the garment.
  • Does it have to crumble?
    • Yes. And for a very good reason. Each tiny cell has the ability to give way under pressure to prevent snagging of the garment.