Quilting & Basting Needles


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Basting is the art of joining layers of fabric and wadding together and this is done before commencing the art of quilting. Ever wondered which needle to use? No need to search as they have included a basting needle, also known as a long darner in this needle combination. The needle is specifically designed in length to sew through the thickest combinations of fabrics.


Envelope contents includes 16 needles:

  • Quilting 7 (x6)
  • Quilting 8 (x5)
  • Long Darner 7 (x5)


More about the needles included in this set:

  1. Quilting / Betweens
    • Specifically designed for quilters, the short length of these needles allows you to stitch far quicker than when using an ordinary sewing needle.
  2. Long Darners
    • Another form of darning needle, the extra length and larger eyes of the Long Darners make them even more suitable for mending with wool or other thick and coarse threads.