General Needles - Easy Threading


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A fabulous combination of large eye needles and a must have for all who struggle and spend longer trying to thread the needle than actually the time spent doing the repair or sewing the odd button on. All these needles have one thing in common they are easy to thread but are not chunky needles. Included in this set is a easy self threading needle which works by placing the thread horizontally over the slit at the top of the eye. The size 4, Easy Threading Needle is designed with a “calyx” eye. Thread the needle by placing the thread horizontally over the slit at the top of the eye and pulling down into the eye opening. 


Envelope contents includes 18 needles:

  • Embroidery 3 (x9)
  • Easy Threading 4 (x5)
  • Short Darner 5 (x4)


More about the needles included in this set:


  1. Embroidery / Crewel Needles
    • Embroidery needles have a longer eye than a standard Sharps needle, making them more suitable for threading stranded cotton. Apart from this, their length, diameter and point profile is akin to that of a Sharps needles
  2. Easy Threading / Calyx Eye
    • Perfect for those who find it difficult to thread regular needles, these are standard sewing needles with a cut made in the top of the eye to allow thread to pass through it from above, as illustrated
  3. Short Darners
    • Long and sharp with elongated eyes, as their name suggests, these needles are used for darning or mending work. Sizes 14 to 18 are commonly known as Yarn or Wool Darners.