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Girl's Best Friend Knit-Along

Girl's Best Friend Knit-Along

Join Caitlin and Emily on YouTube every Tuesday in February as we knit A Girl's Best Friend shawl! Videos will be streamed live and saved to our YouTube channel for your reference.
Week 1:
-colour choices and placement, whether or not to swatch, yardage requirements and needle size
- garter tab cast on
- triangular shawl basics, esp. how to maintain your spine and borders, noting that yarn-overs (YOs) can jump over markers
- "homework" - complete to row 6

Week 2:
we recap maintaining your spine/border, and dive into pattern repeats, creating the lace section, and lifelines! Homework is to knit up to the first teardrop/lace section. If you are nervous about starting, set up a lifeline first, or practice on a swatch! You can do it!

Week 3:

This week Emily and Caitlin chat about different methods of weaving in your ends, and creating bobbles- often there is more than one way to do things!

Week 4:

This week we wrap up the knit-along, covering M1L/M1R increases, ribbing, bind off, blocking and pompoms!