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Favourite Sweater Quilt-Along

Favourite Sweater Quilt-Along

Join us as we put together the Favourite Sweater Quilt!

You can download the pattern for FREE here - https://modafabrics.com/inspiration-resources/free-patterns/search/favorite%20sweater

Week 1:

-how and why to use starch spray (like Best Press or Flatter)
-how to square up fabric
-how to cut multiple layers
-how to keep track of multiple size pieces

Week 2:

- how to chain piece
- how to assemble the sweater blocks
- how to use a 1/4" foot

We will also discuss the basics of piecing a quilt, and give you some handy tips and tools for piecing any quilt project.

Week 3:

- how to square up blocks
- what to do if your blocks are not the size indicated in the pattern
- how to adjust the pattern to accommodate blocks smaller or larger than indicated
- how to assemble the quilt top

Week 4:

- how to make a quilt sandwich (with batting and backing)
- how to mark your lines for quilting
- how to quilt your quilt top
- how to bind your quilt