Sew for Yourself: 50 Great Garments from Recycled Fabric Using 5 Basic Patterns


Create sustainable clothing that reflects your personal style and fits your one-of-a-kind body! Create sustainable clothing that fits you perfectly and makes you feel wonderful when wearing it. Even if you've never done it before, making your own clothing can be easy and fun—and sustainable, if you use recycled fabrics! You’ll find clear how-tos on techniques and instructions for 50 garments to make. They use only five paper patterns, which are conveniently included in handy pockets. Full size and ready to use, they're customizable from XS to XXL.The projects are designed to be so easy that new beginners will succeed. Learn how to use the patterns that come with this book, how to adjust patterns to fit you perfectly, reasons to sew with recycled fabrics, and why you should feel good about upcycling your wardrobe (and your extra blankets, sheets, or curtains). Most of all, keep your creativity flowing in everything you wear.