Down Alternative Pillow Form: 18" x 18"


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Hometex's down-like synthetic pillow makes a brilliant alternative to real goose down pillows. These are ideal for those who have allergies because our microfiber material is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti microbial and odour-free.

The microfiber is just as soft as the genuine goose down, but without the risk of feathers poking through the cover or having to feel the hard, sharp feather shafts on the back of your head.

The cover material is 100% cotton, 255 count, with reinforced fancy hemming on the edges.

Hometex's synthetic down is very lightweight, just like real down, making them great for taking on hiking and camping trips. The advantage of microfiber over genuine goose down, aside from the pricing, is that microfiber retains its properties, loft and compressibility when wet.
 The microfiber traps the moisture and locks it within the air pockets between the fiber strands. This allows for the pillows to be safely washable in the machine, and to air dry fairly quick.

Real down loses its heat retention and loft when wet and takes a very long time to dry. Due to the synthetic's similarity to genuine down's high loft retention and compressibility, it will sustain the "karate chop" look until re-fluffed, and you can squash it into any position that is most comfortable for you without having to fear irreversible clumping.