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Welcome to our Tutorial and Resources page!

On this page, we'll compile list of links to helpful online tutorials and various sewing tips, hacks and tutorials we've developed ourselves.

This will be a place where we share what we've learned with the Fabrications community, so if you've got any great tips or have found a good online tutorial, please be sure to let us know! It's a work in progress, and we'll be adding to it all the time!

Embroidery Stitches: 

Welcome and thanks for visiting our site. The best online tutorials we've found on how to form embroidery stitches are those on the Sublime Stitches site: 

Back Stitch: https://sublimestitching.com/pages/how-to-back-stitch..

Single Chain Stitch: https://sublimestitching.com/pages/how-to-chain-stitch..

French Knot: https://sublimestitching.com/pages/how-to-french-knot...


Since no two bodies are exactly the same, it follows that no pattern will fit two bodies exactly the same. Almost everyone will need to make some adjustment to almost every pattern. Here are some of the most common

Upper Arm Adjustment

If your biceps are large, and your sleeves are always too tight, try this adjustment. Remember to correct the curve at the top of the sleeve or you'll just move your binding problem from your biceps to your shoulders!


Construction Techniques:

Constructing a two-piece collar

The most reliable - and easiest!- way we've found to construct a nice neat two piece collar.