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'You Can't Buy This' Label 8-pack
'Gramma Made it' Label 8-pack
Measuring Bracelet - 17" in Metallic Gold
Measuring Bracelet - 17" in Grass Green
Measuring Bracelet - 15" in Metallic Gold
Measuring Bracelet - 14" in Metallic Gold
Pattern Archive Envelope - 10 Pack
Happy Birthday Yarn Balloon Card
Octo Enamel Pin
Sewist Enamel Pin - Aqua
Cat Lady Enamel Pin
Octopus Hugs Socks Sold out
Life’s A Stitch - AdFab Adhesive Patch Sold out
'Look After Me' Label 8-Pack
Fox Picture Frame Embroidery Kit
Knit Sweater Stitch Sampler Sold out
12in No Slip Hoop
Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes
Lite Weight Mesh Tahiti 18" x 54"
'This is the Back' End Fold Label 8-Pack