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Common Bodice Alterations : Video Series

Common Bodice Alterations : Video Series

With so many beautiful body types, paper patterns don't always fit straight out of the package. With just a few supplies (that a crafty person such as yourself likely has), you can make these simple alterations to create a garment to fit exactly the way you want! Catherine has put together this informative series on how you can customize your favourite shirt or dress pattern to fit YOUR BODY!

Click on the image below to view the full series on YouTube:
Supplies We Used:

Pattern Trace
Pattern Trace is sturdier than tissue paper, and more transparent than regular paper. Regular paper or tissue paper will do the job too, if you prefer!
We recommend using a pair that are only for paper, as paper will quickly dull your precious fabric shears.
Pen or Pencil
Shirt or Dress Pattern