Temporary Tattoos - The Robots


“Dad, I want tattoos like yours!”. Our daughter Lou was 4 when she asked us for some tattoos all over her arms, to look like dad. This is why, in 2014, as a family, we imagined Les Tatoués. To make our daughter happy, but also to design and market tattoos revisiting classic themes, offer gender-neutral and inclusive designs and cool products that we would like to see over the arms of all kids.

What sets us apart? All of our products are hand-drawn in Montreal by our team, that is to say, the three of us. Our tattoos target a very wide audience. Our visuals particularly appeal to 4 to 14 year olds and their parents.

Our tattoos are printed in the USA and are premium, safe, and FDA approved *. They apply easily with water and wash off easily with oil. They are harmless to the skin and stay beautiful for a minimum of 2 to 5 days.

Les Tatoués are colorful, unifiers, but above all, unpretentious. After all, there is no age limit when you feel like expressing your personality, and having fun doing so.

Your Tattoos will last 2 to 5 days and they are made with skin-safe, FDA-approved ingredients.
Original design by Les Tatoués in Montreal, Canada. 

Size  4 x 6