Hardwood Tailor's Board


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Pressing is the most important process in making your hand sewn items look more crisp and professional.

The Tailors Board has a variety of flat surfaces, angles, and curved edges that aid in helping to shape the garments seams to fit the body.

This item is made of Oak which helps hold the heat.

To use the board you will first want to evaluate the seam in question and fit the seam to the shape.

Standing the board on one end you will see two curves, a large curve and a smaller curve.

Large Curve

Used for Sleeve Caps, armhole and arm side seams.

Smaller Curve

Used for pressing tighter curves such as collars and small children’s clothes.

Placing the board on the flat side you will see a long-curved edge.

Long Curved Edge

Used for princess seams.

Large Flat Surface

Used for pressing any flat surface.

Standing the board at the other end, on what looks like a handle (medium curve) you will have two sharp points used for collars in a variety of ways.

With the flat surface face down, you now have a Point Press and a Medium Curve.

Point Press

Used for corners such as a pointed collar, square pocket, or a waistband.  It allows you to iron all the way to the edge and allows you to press a nice long seam at the same time.

Medium Curve

This curve runs perpendicular to the point press and is used for pressing smaller, tighter curves such as a rounded collar.


Product Comes fully assembled. Made in the U.S.A