Stitch Witchery Regular 1/4in x 20 yards (6.4mm x 18.3m)


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100% Polyamide. Regular-weight fusible bonding web. Fuse-baste zippers, trims and pockets. Match Plaids & prints by fuse-basting seams

Instructions for fuse-basting seams:

  1. Working on a heat resistent surfast, please Stitch Witchery between fabric layers. 
  2. Press under one seam allowance. 
  3. Pin strip of Stitch Witchery on seam allowance close to fold
  4. Hold steam iron over Stitch Witchery (without touching it) until it becomes tacky and sticks to fabric. 
  5. Place this seam allowance over un-pressed seam allowance. 
  6. Cover with damp press cloth. Set steam iron on "Wool" and press for 10 seconds on each side. Do not slide iron. 
  7. Turn fabric to wrong side & stitch seam along fold

*Always test on a scrap of intended fabric before use. Follow all fabric/garment manufacturer's care instructions. Do not bleach