Illustrated Maker Art Prints - Sew Good

Jasika Nicole is an actor and maker, and an active member of the online sewing community.  You can find her on instagram at and on her website, In addition to being an avid knitter/sewist/shoemaker/ceramicist/all 'round renaissance woman, Jasika also loves illustrating, and has been invigorated by the incredible talent in the sewing community, particularly during the isolation of quarantine.
Jasika Nicole's Illustrated Maker Series envisions crafters as artists, because that’s what we are! From the delicate way our fingers dance over textiles to the way we infuse little bits of ourselves in all the beauty we create- Jasika honors the culture of sewists, knitters and makers worldwide, and her illustrations reflect the diversity of the maker community. As a black artist, seeing herself mirrored in the world around her has always been incredibly important, but not always available.  Jasika, like many others, grew up imagining herself in the work of others, whether that work was meant for people like her or not. She now feels as though she is finally able to invite a broader audience into her world, the making world, where so many of us thrive and connect and inspire each other. 
The illustrations are printed in black, white, and small amounts of color on 11 x 17 #100 matte poster paper. They are individually packaged in clear 100% recycled bags with 100% recycled cardboard backing to protect the artwork.