Post Apocalyptic Life Skill Project Bag


You always knew your craft was about more than sewing/knitting/etc, right? 

I bet you knew all along that crafting will make you a highly valued member of whatever post-apocalyptic, zombie infested, ecological wasteland society you end up joining after strapping your sewing machine to your back, and using your yarn stash to insulate your boots, when you hike cross country after the downfall of modern life.  You're a MAKER darn it!  You do all the things! 

Bring your project with you in your new Fabrications "Post Apocalyptic Life Skills" project bag, secure in the knowledge that you are practicing your superiour survival skills and are the envy of other makers.

Printed on natural canvas bag, measures 13" by 11". 

Get a FREE project bag when you buy $75 or more of yarn!

This listing is for Project Bag ONLY- contents sold separately.