Plant Lady DIY Embroidery Kit


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This DIY embroidery kit is easy, modern and fun. You'll learn and enjoy simple embroidery stitches while creating a green addition to your home or office, or the perfect gift for that friend who loves plants.

This hand embroidery pattern looks complex, but in reality the stitches used are very simple! The lettering is optional - stitch over it if you like, or leave it in ink. The plants are essentially outlined and filled in with thread - just like a colouring book. An adventurous beginner will tackle it just fine, and a more experienced stitcher will enjoy customizing the details!

Included in the Kit:

  • Pattern printed on beautiful linen
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Complete instructions
  • Wood embroidery hoop
  • Bonus: our signature STITCH sampler to help you learn and practice the stitches in a fun and colourful way

Fabric measures approximately 10.5'; x 9'; image measures 4 x 6'.