Happy Misfit Embroidery Kit


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This goldfish embroidery kit is a tribute to people like you and me who enjoy being different. We sew in our free time. We color our hair light purple. We blast opera from our car stereo. (Or is the last one something only my partner does?)

My mother saw this design and said, "Oh, Megan, you are the blue fish. You're always swimming against the current and doing things your own way." Yep, she's right. But I'm betting you're the blue fish too. It's okay. Be proud! We're the cool ones.
This goldfish embroidery kit is a joy to stitch up and only uses three basic stitches. Every fish looks so cute and silly that you won't want to stop sewing.
Curious what's inside?
Your One of a Kind embroidery kit includes: 
  • Embroidery needle 
  • Embroidery floss 
  • Cotton fabric printed with the pattern 
  • 8" embroidery hoop 
  • A stitch guide 
  • Simple instructions on how to finish the piece 
The finished piece measures 8" in diameter.