Handmade Getaway by Karyn Valino & Jacqueline Sava

Exactly as the name implies, this inspiring book is your guide to getting away from it all—just you, your sewing machine, good friends and a quiet place to relax. If you’ve always dreamed of organizing a day, a weekend or a week away just to sew, this planner by Jacqueline Sava Clarke and Karyn Valino will help you step-by-step through scheduling, packing, and sewing your way through your time together.

Meet up with your friends to sew as often as you like because this book includes 14 individual and 7 group projects, at least a year’s worth of fun get-togethers. Designed specifically for sewing retreats, Jacqueline and Karyn offer practical guidance and checklists for everything your group will need, from help with planning supplies and how much time you’ll need, to suggestions for extra activities and menu planning. It won’t matter if your friends are new to sewing or if they’re pros, what matters is that you’ll all be together making your own cherished items that can only have been made with the collaboration that happens on a handmade getaway.



The Authors

Karyn Valino, Co-author, Photographer

Karyn opened the workroom just over ten years ago. Her 2,800 square-foot studio, shop and community space in Toronto offers over fifty different workshops that cover all the crafty bases—from using a sewing machine, to quilting, to handwork and weaving. Sewing has brought more community, friendship and love to her life than she could ever have imagined—and she’s excited to share her strategies for sustaining creativity and friendship in Handmade Getaway.

Karyn shot all the gorgeous photography of our getaways to transport you to places far from home—but very close to our hearts. In addition to the enclosed patterns, all the step-by-step photography you see in the book was her labour of love.

Jacqueline Sava Clarke, Co-author

Jacqueline is the founder and Director of Possibilities at Soak Wash Inc. Her company makes, markets and internationally distributes Soak modern laundry care and Flatter ironing spray, which have a significant following among sewers, quilters, knitters and crafters. She teaches design strategy and lectures on entrepreneurialism and business development. 


“The first time I took my sewing machine to the cottage, it was a magical mix of all my favorite things: the quiet view of the lake, the warm summer sun and the humming of my machine as I worked away. I knew immediately that I needed to bring my friends to experience this magic, and so began the handmade getaways.” —Jacqueline