Embroidery Needles 3/5/7


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A needle combination designed to be used in the art of embroidery using floss and stranded cottons. This kit contains the most popular embroidery needle – a size 7. However size 3 and size 5 are ideal for the beginner or the embroiderer that prefers to use a larger needle, both sizes are easy to thread.

Envelope contents includes 18 needles:

  • Embroidery 3 (x5)
  • Embroidery 5 (x4)
  • Embroidery 7 (x9) 

More about the needles included in this set:

  1. Embroidery / Crewel Needles
    • Embroidery needles have a longer eye than a standard Sharps needle, making them more suitable for threading stranded cotton. Apart from this, their length, diameter and point profile is akin to that of a Sharps needles