Construction Basics: Fly Front Zipper! Class (Intermediate - Sewing)


Fly front zippers can be found on jeans and pants and seem to be feared by sewists.  Be afraid no longer!  This seems to be the Zipper that causes most apprehension, as it is assumed to be the most complicated. It can be tricky, but with careful consideration and clear instructions it is very straightforward to insert.

Please note that this class is for learning the skills only and you will not have a finished project at the end of this class.  However, you will have samples for future reference.


  • How to thread and use a sewing machine
  • How to wind a bobbin
  • How to construct simple seams
  • Be familiar with basic sewing terminology
  • Familiar with basic garment construction

You will learn:

  • Step-by-step process of inserting a Fly Front Zipper  

We will provide:

  • Muslin
  • 2 7" zippers
  • Thread
  • Use of a sewing machine during class
  • Any tools necessary during class 

You will need:

  • Nothing!

A list of our class policies can be found here. 

Minimum registration is 3. Maximum is 5.

This class is being taught by: Bea