African Basket - Staircase Basket


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Big Blue Moma baskets are purchased from a fair-trade collective in Ghana, West Africa. They are handmade and as such, size and shape may vary slightly from what is pictured. All baskets are woven by hand with elephant grass indigenous to the Bolgatanga area. The Trashy baskets use recyceld textiles. Handles are covered with goat leather, reinforcing construction while also adding an extra level of comfort when carrying. Baskets often ship flat and may require reshaping when they arrive. To do so, dip them in water and shape

That clutter on the stairs has never look better when placed inside these fabulous staircase baskets. These are unique to Big Blue Moma as I designed them after something we had in our house when I was a kid. They are great to help you get organized or as a display for your favourite plant. These baskets will be a show piece for sure. The steps are around 8" high on this basket. The top of 16". It will fit nicely to the side of the staircase, out of the way of the main traffic flow.