Acajou Pants 34-46


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High-waisted pants with tapered legs, front seams and elasticated back waistband. Version B are cargo-inspired pants with elasticated cuffs and side pockets.

Recommended fabrics: Medium-weight woven fabrics in cotton, linen, or wool (twill, denim, chino, velvet...). Allow extra fabric to match stripes or plaids.

Material Requirements:

  • Version A Size 34-46
    • 115cm (45") - wide fabric - 3.4m (3 ⅝ yd)
    • 150 cm (60") - wide fabric - 2.5m (2.75 yd)
  • Version B Size 34-46
    • 115cm (45") - wide fabric - 3.6m (3 ⅞ yd)
    • 150 cm (60") - wide fabric - 2.7m (2 ⅞ yd)



About Deer & Doe's Morphology

Like every clothing line, Deer&Doe patterns are designed based on one morphology in particular. That does not mean they will not fit if you have a different body! You will simply need to select the different sizes corresponding to your chest, your waist and your hips and connect them.

Deer&Doe is based on an hourglass-type morphology, i.e. a slim waist and a generous bust and hips. Patterns will fit perfectly on C-D cups, but depending on the design will also look good on smaller or bigger busts (do not hesitate to visit their blog where you will find many tutorials to adjust the cup size). They are designed for an average height of 1m68 (5’6″).


Choosing Your Size

To make it easier for you, Deer&Doe patterns are created from standard (European) commercial sizes. Nevertheless, depending on your body type, your Deer&Doe size could be different from your commercial size. We suggest you carefully take your measurements and then compare them to the included tables. For form-fitting patterns, if you are in between sizes, choose the larger one.