Non-Woven 100% Polypropylene


Please note that we are now selling this product in pre-cut lengths in order to facilitate our ability to fill your orders quickly.

100% Polypropylene 

2oz per square yard.

60"/114cm wide. 

This product is slightly heavier that our first shipment, which was 1oz per sq/yd

Machine washable.  Hang to dry or dry on low.  Iron on low.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, a non-medical mask should be made of at least 3 layers, two of which should be tightly woven material (such as quilting cotton). The third, middle layer should be a filter-type fabric such as non-woven polypropylene fabric. 

According to CBC Marketplace tests, a 2-layer cotton mask of unknown thread count, with a middle layer of 2oz polypropylene, performs similarly to an N95 mask or a disposable blue mask.   This means that a mask made with this product and a selection of our high quality quilting cottons will create a high performing non-medical face mask.