1/2M Vessel Rayon Challis Wheat in Pale Pink


In Vessel, Alexia Marcelle Abegg was inspired by making pottery - the process of decorating the pots; creating shapes and painting motifs on bisqueware; the colours of glazes she likes to use in her studio; the rich but subdued colours of natural clay. Alexia designed four gorgeous rayons featuring a flowing design inspired by wheat stalks.

Ruby Star Society makes a wonderful rayon challis. It has a smooth, cool hand, with a substantial drape.  Easy to care for, and easy to sew with.  Perfect for dresses, skirts, tunics, drapey blouses, nightwear, or even full pants.  

100% Rayon

114cm/44inches wide

Machine wash on cold, hang to dry, medium iron.

Matching Metrosene Thread

Sold by the half metre. Select qty: 1 for 0.5m, qty: 2 for 1m, qty: 3 for 1.5m, etc.