1/2M As It Is Linen Sheeting in White


Nani Iro, what else needs to be said.  I think that the Linen Sheeting is one of my favourite fabrics from her.  This subtle tone one tone design is the epitome of Nani Iro elegance.  When they're combined together like they are here?  Perfection!  I could make pattern suggestions, but really, anything you make with this fabric is going to turn out amazing!

100% lightweight linen canvas
106-109cm/42-43inches wide

Machine wash delicate on cold, tumble dry on medium, or hang to dry.  Medium iron, do not dry clean.

Matching Metrosene Thread 

Sold by the half metre. Select qty: 1 for 0.5m, qty: 2 for 1m, qty: 3 for 1.5m, etc.