This super cute pincushion is fast and easy. A great quick gift!

You'll need:


Pincushion supplies


  1. 2 x 6 inch squares of quilting cotton
  2. Large coordinating button
  3. Pin-cushion filling
  4. Thread, scissors, hand-sewing needle.




Here's what you do: 

    1. Mark ¾ inch squares on each corner of the 6” quilting cotton squares.
Step 1: Measure corners
    1. Cut out the squares. Pin the squares together between each cut-out.
Step 2: Cut out corners
    1. Stitch three sides together, using a ¼ seam allowance. Stitch the fourth side, leaving a 3 inch gap in the middle.
Step 3: Stitch sides
    1. Pinch the remaining cut-out corner openings together, lining up the side seams. Pin and stitch them, using a ¼ seam allowance.
Step 4: Sew corners
    1. Turn the pin cushion right side out.
Step 5: Turn right side out
    1. Using your fingers and a point-turner, finger-press the seams and push out the corners to make a cube.
Step 6: Push out corners
    1. Pour the pin cushion filling into the gap you’ve left in one side. Don’t fill it really full, there should be enough room to easily hand sew the gap shut.
Step 7: Fill pincushion   Step 7: Fill pincushion
    1. Hand stitch the gap closed. The pincushion will still be soft and squishy. Don’t worry; the next step will make it nice and firm.
Step 8: Stitch opening closed
    1. Using a long hand-sewing needle, sew a button to the top of your pincushion by pushing the needle all the way through the pincushion to the other side, pulling it out the bottom and back up through the pincushion to the button hole. You can add a second button on the bottom to make it firmer and stronger if you want, though it is tricky to line up the buttonholes.
Step 9: Sew button to pincushion

With each stitch, pull the thread tight to pull the button firmly into the pincushion. This will make the pincushion firm.
Repeat as many times as necessary to secure the button firmly.

Your pincushion is done. Isn’t it cute?

Step 10: Finished!