Seabright Swimmer XS-4X


The Seabright Swimmer is a one piece swimsuit pattern that can be made with or without sleeves. It features a plunging neckline with gathering at the shoulder and waist. The instructions include a tutorial for adding a lace up neckline closure for added modesty. The sleeves let you look and feel glam while providing a bit of added sun protection!

  • Sizes XS - 4X included in pattern

  • 5/8” seam allowance included

  • Intermediate level sewing

  • Designed for 4 way knit fabrics with at least 50% stretch. 


  • 4 yards ¼” wide elastic

  • Stretch sewing machine needle

  • Ruler

  • A tool for marking. A disappearing or wash away marking pen is ideal, but we won’t be marking anywhere that will show on the final suit, so a regular marker or pen will do in a pinch!

  • Swimsuit fabric

  • Swimsuit lining

  • Thread (polyester thread is good for sewing with knits because it has some give)


  • 2, 3/4” D-Rings for an optional lace up front closure.  

  • Soft foam cups. Sizing up in foam cups is recommended for this suit.

  • Hand sewing needle (for sewing in cups).


You will need a fabric with 4 way stretch and at least 50% crosswise stretch. Keep in mind that your suit will be stretching both around your body and down it, so if your fabric doesn’t have 4 way stretch the it wont fit correctly. If you are making this as a swimsuit, you will need swim lycra. If you are making this as a body suit, any knit will do as long as it meets stretch requirements. You can use the same fabric for the outer fabric and lining or get separate lining fabric.