Aquarius Quilt

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The Aquarius Constellation Block captures the celestial magic of the stars in a modern 20” quilt block. Organized, step by step instructions keep construction simple and methodical, making this a fun patchwork project. The finished block is the perfect size to make a 20” throw pillow. For a quilt, placing the block within a solid background creates the look of a constellation suspended in the night sky. A single constellation quilt is a beautiful gift for baby, birthday or graduation. Combine two constellations, incorporating both into a solid background, for a modern wedding or anniversary quilt.

To make your 20” block you will need
5/8 yard background color fabric
scraps or 1/8 yard of star color fabric

Rotary cutter
24”x 6” acrylic ruler
large cutting mat

WHAT WILL YOU MAKE? The pattern includes instructions for the block, but to make a finished object you will want to purchase extra fabric. To make the block into a 20” case for a throw pillow, you will need approximately 2/3 yard additional background fabric. To make a 60” throw from the block, you will need about 2 1/2 additional yds of background fabric. To make a queen quilt with a single or double block, you will need about 6 additional yds of background fabric.