Kids Clothes Week - Day 6! July 26 2014

Today we're back to boys clothes and Johanna is showing us some stinkin' cute shorts she made for her two little fellas! 

There's no shortage of fabrics and sewing patterns on the market for girls clothing these days, but it can still be difficult finding good patterns and interesting fabrics for boys clothes. 

Johanna has made an art out of both.  She's used Anna Maria Horner and Pattern Anthology patterns and made them into some truly cool threads for her boys.  And then taken it to a whole other level with great fabric pattern/colour combinations - coral lions (Cotton+Steel!), black and white buses (Echino!), blue and red radios (no idea who designed them, but love the retro print!).

Read all about it on Johanna's blog and view some jumbo photos in our Fabrications Flickr Pool

Are you sewing for boys?  What have been your go-to patterns?  Do you go for patterned fabrics or are your kids more into solids?  Show us what you're making - drop a few photos into our Flickr Pool!

Tomorrow we'll be returning to girls' clothes for one final piece to share for the summer season of KCW.  If you'd like to join us for the next season of KCW and share a few of your own makings, drop us an line and we'll get you into our line up.  It's so much fun to see what people make with all the fabric that comes through our shop!

Kids Clothes Week Challenge - Day 3! July 23 2014 1 Comment

Carrie here! I can’t believe it’s my day to post already.  Like most people now a days, I tend to have an overly full schedule and sometimes fitting in a bit of sewing for the kiddo, or myself for that matter is not always as easy as it might seem.  This is why I’m loving the KCW challenge!  It’s a reason for me to pull back a bit at night and instead of convincing myself that I need to answer a list of emails, or make a schedule, or clean the house, I can just sew.  One hour, not a lot of pressure or commitment – just sew.  What a great stress reliever. 

This week I decided to take my hour of sewing and finally finish up the Anna Maria Horner, Baby in the Hood jacket I’ve been making for my son Owen.  This is the cutest little jacket, not overly difficult to sew, and lets you use three different fabrics! Being able to mix different colours and prints in one project just sets my little heart a flutter.  This is partially because I love trying out different print combinations, and partially because I’m never very good at deciding on just one.  I usually find myself staring aimlessly at the wall in Fabrications. Sometimes this is a daylong process which is sad since I'm there almost everyday and I know exactly what we have. 


For the main outer fabric I chose to use Monaluna’s  Leaves from their Urban Patch collection.  The button placket and hood stripe are Art Gallery’s Sweet as Honey by Bonnie Christine, and the lining fabric is Cloud 9’s Arrows by Michelle Engel Bencsko. I love them all, and I love them all put together in this little item of clothing. 

About the pattern, like I said, this is the Baby in the Hood pattern by Anna Maria Horner. It came from her Handmade Beginnings book, which I just love.  It is filled with projects for both Moms to be and baby.  While some are very quick and easy, this one was a little trickier – at least for me.  I have never set a sleeve in a garment quite so small and I found it to be the one part of the process that both tested my patience and taught me a new skill.  In the end it really wasn’t too tough and I only had to use the seam ripper once.  A small price for the sense of accomplishment that comes when you try something new and realize that you can in fact do it, and it doesn’t look horrifying.  The instructions are great and the illustrations help with the more confusing steps, though there really aren’t many.  My only beef – and it’s a small one – is the sizing.  My little O is 13 months old but I had to make the 24 month size plus, it’s a touch short for my liking.  If and when I make this again (because I will make it again), I will be adding a few inches onto the bottom. 

All in all, I am a pretty happy girl right now.  I made a great item of clothing for my favourite guy and I carved out that precious me time to make it happen.  Kids Clothes Week - we are friends.

*Sick baby makes for unhappy photo's - we did our best.

Kids Clothes Week - Day 1! July 21 2014

Hi everyone!

Today's the day we kick-off the Fabrications' gang's projects for Kids Clothes Week.  We plan to share one project a day, including photos and some thoughts about the patterns and fabrics we're using.  Carrie and Johanna are sewing for boys, and Sarah is sewing for girls.  We hope you'll join us in posting photos of projects you have in the works and we look forward to your comments. Here's where to find our Fabrications Flickr Group and you can also sign up to the KCW Community and build your own profile.

If you're looking for some ideas for quick sewing projects, here are a few places to start:

  • Oliver + S have short-listed some of their easier patterns (available at our shop).  They also offer free downloadable PDF patterns for unisex shorts, the Lazy Days Skirt, the Popover Sundress, a cute Ruffle Halter top and even handmade shoe laces!   
  • Our friends at the PurlBee in NYC also offer a list of free tutorials for children's projects that never fails to inspire!
  • And who doesn't enjoy a little eye candy on Pinterest...?  Loads of great pictures and links to free online tutorials for boys and girls clothes.

So, for Day 1 of KCW, let's welcome Johanna!


Johanna here. I normally blog over at Old House Mama about my sewing projects for my two boys and myself.  I looove Fabrications, and basically if Carrie and Curtis would just let me, I'd move in there (kidding).  It really is awesome to have a local store that has all the fabric I used to have to buy online!  Now I get to feel it all first, oogle all the pretty colours in person AND stop and chat with the lovely and helpful co-owners!

Ok, enough of that!

I'm here to show you one of my recent makes for Kids Clothes Week!  I love KCW, it's such an awesome excuse to buckle down and get some sewing down for the kids!  It's soo much fun too to follow along and see some of the georgousness others out there do over on the KCW website. You can also have a look at my Old House Mama KCW profile!

I love finding new cool patterns and fabrics to sew things up with for my boys.  And this Imagine Jacket was no exception. It's part of the Make (Believe) collections designed by Pattern Anthology, a group of four pattern designers and bloggers who get together a few times a year and put out awesome collections for a limited period.  I got a chance to test and pattern, and it turns out that its great jacket for a crazy kid like mine!


One of the things I like most about sewing for my oldest is his reaction to things.  When I know I've sewn him something in fabric he'll love, I get excited!  And so does he.  He loves to tell random people that I made him his shirt, and it's adorable.  He now helps me pick out fabrics sometimes (he picked the cameras which are now sadly sold out at Fabrications) and then loves coming up with crazy poses when I get him to model!  They kill me!



This jacket in particular is perfect for him.  It's easy to move and play in, and the cotton twill is easily washable for all those muddy occasions.  I also got a chance to finally make welt pockets, something I'd been scared to do before.  And guess what?  They really aren't scary!  This Jacket will be M's coat when he starts school in the fall and I can see several more of these made up in some of the awesome linen cotton Japanese fabrics from Fabrications in our future!


You can read more about the pattern back over on my blog, but for now, enjoy these crazy pictures of my kid, and good luck in your KCW endeavors!


Thanks to Johanna for kicking off KCW at Fabrications and for sharing a great little jacket.  Pattern testing, knits and zippers all in the same breath?  My brain got a cramp just thinking about it.  And how about more jazz hands and animal shapes from young fella modeling the jacket, no?  Check back tomorrow to see what Day 2 brings!