November News! October 15 2014

Hi Everyone!
Now that you all know that we’ve moved into a great new space, you should also know that we’ve added in a whole bunch of classes to the November schedule. We will now be doing daytime and weekend classes for those of you who prefer to keep your evenings free.  Check out our schedule here:
We have weekend classes for kids and adults as well as a weekday Men’s Shirt class.  It’s the perfect time to start sewing a handmade shirt for yourself or as a gift for a special man in your life.  Christmas is just around the corner.  And speaking of Christmas, we have put our popular Christmas stocking class back in the rotation.  The first one is on November 29th.  We can only fit a few of these fun and festive classes in between now and December 25th so don’t wait to sign up, spaces are limited!  
If Men’s shirts and stockings aren’t your thing, there is sure to be something that you’ll love.  Try an Infinity Scarf Class if you’re a beginner or the Staple Dress Class if you’re looking to get into garment sewing.  For those of you with some experience who want to step into the world of knits, we have the Knit Dress Class.  We use the Colette Moneta pattern, a very flattering and nice to sew dress that will send you well on your way to expanding your knit sewing horizons. 
All of these classes and so many more, and don’t forget, the Hintonburg Sewcial Club will be on again in November; we’re just firming up our charity of the month.  There are still spaces left in the October session, sign up and get a lesson and give back to the community for only $20.  It’s a perfect opportunity to get started sewing or to hone your skills, plus you help out where it’s needed.  We don’t see a downside. 

Sign up online or come in and sign up in person, we'd love to see you!

Carrie & Curtis

New fabrics and fall class offerings August 20 2014

As many of you know, we'll be moving a little further west on Somerset Street in the fall.  We've been busy there 24/7 getting our new digs ready.  So excited for the big reveal and we can't wait to share the new space with everyone!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, life goes on and we've got a lot going on! 

Over the past few weeks, loads of new fabrics came through the door, including Nani Iro and EchinoArt Gallery (flowy voiles!), The Long Thread, April Rhodes Arizona collection and Japanese cotton sateens

Like to see more?  Come by the store (some of the new fabrics aren't on line just yet!).  Or, let your fingers wander on over to our Instagram (fabricationsott) to lose an hour of your day imagining what you'll be making from these beauties!

Fall Classes

To go with all these new fabrics, we've got a batch of great evening classes in late August and throughout September -- a great time of year to get a few sewing projects started! 

For absolute beginners, start here:

  • Sewing Machine Basics: Simple Fabric Bunting Banner - a one-night class that gives you all the basics and you leave with a great finished project.  It runs four times in the next few weeks - Aug 27th, Sept 2nd, 8th and 26th.
  • Express Beginner Class: Infinity Scarf (1 night - Sept 24) - learn the basics of using a sewing machine, and walk away with a great accessory for the fall.
    • Once you've got the basics down, the world is your oyster!

    For beginners or those getting back into sewing after an extended 'vacation', looking for simple but interesting project, try these:

    • Sewing 101: Easy Lined Tote (1 night - Sept 12th) - learn the basics and start making different sizes on your own.
    • Sewing 102: Easy Zippered Pillow (1 night - Aug 22, Sept 5th and 15th) - a little zipper therapy goes a long way. Enough said.
    • Sewing 103: Baker's Apron (1 night - Sept 9th) - we use a unisex pattern, so you can make a manly-man BBQ apron, or something a little more feminine.
    • Sewing 104: Japanese Hip Wrap (1 night - Aug 29th) - have you seen these things?  Great over leggings or skinny jeans, and so easy to make. And... did we mention we like having a few drinks at this class and make it a bit of a social night?  What more can you ask for in a sewing class? 

    For intermediate sewists, looking to tick off a few boxes in the 'new skills' department?  Learn how to hem pants, install an elastic waist band, sew some curves and start using some of your beloved stash!

    • Sewing 201: Pyjama Pants (2 nights - Sept 18th and 25th) - basic pant pattern, elastic waist band, hems
    • Sewing 202: Zippered Pouch (1 night - Aug 29th and Sept 22nd) - zippers, curves and using different weight woven fabrics
    • Beginner Garment Making: Rae Skirt (2 nights - Sept 16th & 23th) - sewing with a pattern, vertical seams, elastic casing
    • Crib Sheet (1 night - Sept 11th) super quick and makes a great gift for friends with wee folk!

    For advanced sewists, this is where the rubber hits the road!  Our advanced classes take on more complex sewing patterns and techniques.  Usually 3-4 nights over a few weeks, giving you the chance to soak up all that you can from our skilled teachers.  Learn tricks for fitting garments to flatter your own body, different hem lengths, shirring and sewing with woven and kit fabrics. 

    •  Sewing 302: Dressmaking / Washi Dress (3 nights - Sept 3, 10 & 17) - one of the most fun and versatile independent dress patterns to hit the market in years. Look no further than the Rae Made Me Do It flickr group for a little inspiration.

    We also offer a 3-night dressmaking class using the April Rhodes Staple Dress pattern and a 4-night class on knits using the Colette Moneta pattern.  Check back here for dates!

    Look forward to seeing you at the shop!