We Are Bringing November Back To The People. November 02 2013

Boy oh Boy! It’s been a long time since we’ve written our last blog post. Carrie and I have been insanely busy coming up with new class ideas and bringing in new products. It’s been so crazy that we haven’t been able to update our website with all the new products that are coming in. They’re coming in faster than we can add them to our online inventory. This will be completely rectified by this week. Stay tuned for upcoming stock updates including Merchant & Mills, Curious Doodles, and a bunch of new fabric from Japan and other fun places! Not only has a lot of new stock already come in we have a ton of stuff on order and are so excited for the shipments to arrive. We’ll send Facebook and Twitter updates as the new stuff comes in. As for new classes we have a special holiday class that we will offer three times in the next couple of months. It will first run on November 25th and then two additional times in December. The class you ask? It’s going to be a stocking and tree ornament class. Spots are limited and a lot of you have shown interest in such a class so act fast.


In other exciting news Friday November 15th at 8:00 we are excited to be hosting the Opening of Ian Roy’s Art Collection Untitled. The show will consist of a series of five colour screen prints of recreated images from a bicycle safety manual from the 1960s. Each image is accompanied by a stern warning. The show will run the duration of November and into December and is part of APT613’s Support Local Event. Ian Roy will also be conducting a reading to kick off the event. Come on over, have a couple of drinks, and spend some time with us. I promise you that you won’t regret it.

Starting November 1st in correspondence with support local we are also proud to have custom screen-printed fabric from our dear friend Gabe Thirlwall. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her work you should check it out. She is the creator of The Political Circus, an illustrator, and a sewist extraordinaire. Some of her works can been seen in our shop for the foreseeable future.

Wait that’s not it! This year we are proud to be participating in the Wellington West Holiday Shop Hop! It will be on December 5th from 5pm-8pm. There will be more details in the coming days. I can say that it will be pretty great.

We’ll keep it short for now but I promise that there will be more to come shortly. Hope to see you all on November 15th.

Love Always,

Carrie + Curtis