Smocking October 16 2015 2 Comments

Our new Smocking class is happening in November.  

Smocking??  You bet.  

As you'll see from the links below, it's not all Little House on the Prairie.  Well, some of it is, and those pieces are divine!  But there's a slow, steady move happening to incorporate smocking into more modern clothing patterns.  A total feast for the eyes. 

  • Liesl Gibson on talking to the Smocking Arts Guild of America.
  • A little round up on heirloom techniques here. Feels contagious, no?  Wait, there's more... smocked dress round-up
  • "Smocked" on Flickr picks up a good variety of project that can incorporate smocking.
  • "Smocking" on Flickr turns up a more traditional spread of dresses.
  • Instagram's offerings on the subject - #smockeddress
  • Once you get the basics down in our class, go here for some ideas on different smocking shapes and patterns. 
  • Still not entirely sure what this is. But thank you interweb for keepin' it real.
  • Tinctory - before you click, get comfortable because this smocking-natural-dyeing rabbit hole is a deep one. The future of smocking is right here.

See you in class!