Taking the un-fun out of sewing school uniforms (or something like that!) August 01 2014

Over the next few weeks, I'm getting organized to sew up a few school uniforms (navy dresses and white blouses) for my daughter.  It's happened before that I've sketched out a quick plan in my head, cut out a load of patterns and fabrics all at once, and then not managed to finish sewing all of them before she grows into a larger size.  So I'm approaching things differently this time.

Recently on the Oliver + S blog, Liesl, Rae and Rachel each shared 'summer edits'.  They chose 8 patterns and matching fabrics, creating a little wardrobe for the season.  And so here's my 'fall edit' plan for sewing school uniforms over the next few weeks...

Priority pieces:

  • 2 x Class Picnic Blouses (Oliver+S) - white body, navy yoke, fun fabric on the yoke lining
  • 1 or 2 x Sea Shore Sundress (Oliver+S) - navy patterned fabrics here and here
  • 1 x V-neck Dress (Sew Chic Kids) - navy linen, contrast piping
  • 1 x Crossover Tunic (Carefree Clothes for Girls) - navy linen
  • 1 x Apron pinafore (Carefree Clothes for Girls) - navy linen, contrast front pocket and Nani Iro bias trim

Nice to have:

  • 2 x 2+2 Blouses (Oliver+S) - white body, navy trim, fun buttons
  • 1 x Jump Rope Dress, View A (Oliver+S) - navy chambray, contrast pockets and trim
  • 2 x Hula Hoop Skirts (Oliver+S) - solid navy Freespirit cotton, Cotton+Steel Basics XOXO on the reverse side

You can see from the range of fabrics that the definition (or, at least my interpretation) of 'uniform' is pretty loose.  Starting from the bottom of the pile - Merchant & Mills navy chambray, mid-weight navy linen (plus the Nani Iro bias tape), Blossom in navy from Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cloud 9, Jemima Puddle Duck print and Rashia Coleman-Hale Nigh Sky in indigo.

If you'd like to see how these patterns and fabrics sew up, we'll have a few of the finished dresses hanging in the shop in the coming weeks.  Come by and take a look!

What are you sewing for the fall?  Drop some photos in our Fabrications Flickr Pool and tell us about it!