Kids Clothes Week - Day 7! July 27 2014

Sarah here for the final day of Kids Clothes Week at Fabrications!  We're finishing the week off with a little more love for Japanese double gauze and a repeat of the simple Gathered Top I made earlier in the week.

For all my talk about double gauze perhaps, for the unititiated, I should explain what it is.  You've seen cotton gauze in the first aid aisle at the pharmacy?  Similar, but imagine something softer.  It's a 100% cotton open weave fabric, made of two layers, loosely woven together.  Double gauze has an almost ephemeral feel to it (particularly after its been washed) and gives extra depth and saturation to colours printed on it.  Very few textile companies produce it - Kokka, out of Japan, is the only one I know of. 

The Nani Iro line of fabrics, designed by Naomi Ito, usually include quite a few double gauze prints each season.  This dress here (made by a fellow Canadian sewist no less!) from Gertie's Book for Better Sewing shows how it can be used in quite a structured dress.  We sell a whole load of Nani Iro fabrics in the shop (some of which are in our online shop) and a few other non-patterned double gauzes (which we showed you on Friday).

When NY-based fabric designer, Heather Ross, was with Kokka a few years ago, her Far Far Away line printed on double gauze was a massive hit.  I bought a few yards of this lime green unicorn fabric and it's remained untouched in my stash ever since.  For the tunic-length Gathered Top I'm sharing today, I used not only the lime unicorn fabric, but also a remnant piece of an out of print Nani Iro double gauze.  I used French Seams to set the Nani Iro panel in, and then followed the rest of the tutorial as drafted.

I'm curious to see how it looks after its been washed.  One thing to remember about working with double gauze - the fabric stays more stable and is much easier to sew if you have not washed it prior to cutting and sewing. 

If you're interested in joining us for a future season of KCW and sharing any pieces that you're making, please get in touch with us.  We love seeing what people create out of our fabrics!