Kids Clothes Week - Day 4! July 24 2014

Sarah here again.  Today I'm sharing a super quick project - my dress-length variation on the Kid's Gathered Top free tutorial from the Purl Bee. 

This tutorial popped up on the Purl Bee blog a few weeks ago, timed perfectly with my scrambling around trying to come up with a quick dress for my daughter's end-of-year school concert and party.  I added a few inches to the length and made it from voile (the fabric weight suggested in the tutorial).  It worked out beautifully.  She wore it with short leggings and it was comfortable for the formal and play parts of the day.

This time around, I wanted to see how it would work with slightly heavier weight fabric such as quilting cotton.  The dress has an elastic running the circumference of the chest, which means it needs to lie comfortably under the arms.  The version I made today uses printed cotton flour sack yardage I picked up a church bazaar.  It's certainly a little thicker under the arms than the voile version, but C tells me its comfortable, so we'll chalk this one up as a win!

Aside from getting top marks for being a quick and easy sewing project - takes 1-2 hours all in - this pattern uses french seams, which is a nice touch to such a simple pattern.  I'm still lacking confidence in using french seams on more involved patterns, but this one is just straight lines, so it's a nice excuse to practice.

I also sewed in a mock-label on the centre back. There is no back or front to this pattern, but since the shoulder ties come undone, the label helps one orientate where the arms are versus the front and back.  Keeps the piece while everyone is rushing around to get dressed in the morning.

I've got a third and final one in the works, to be made of some Heather Ross lime green unicorn double gauze I've been hoarding for a few years. 

Curious to know how the double gauze will feel under the arms given how soft and puffy it is after it's been washed. 

Will keep you posted!